What customers say about Saloodo!


"A strong communication, professional competency and a systematic procedure related to particular business needs are key elements for efficient and effective productivity which Cactus team have found in Saloodo family at each level of officials. Commitment from top management is strong enough and implementation at respective level is wonderful. A smooth, convenient and trouble-free procedure of collection and delivery of shipments and billing system enables CACTUS family to enjoy a business partnership with Saloodo. Keep it up with all the best wishes"

Salin Kumar Pillai

"As a newly launched digital freight forwarder, we are impressed by the professional approach, accuracy, fantastic service and how the process of booking our shipments is smooth & effective. The website is user-friendly and the pickup & delivery are always on time. Furthermore, we find the customer service commendable as we don’t need to wait for long and are always quickly assisted. We are happy using Saloodo! for our shipments and definitely recommend it to our peers, as it offers us competitive rates, very fast response, and reliable service being a subsidiary of DHL, a name we trust."

"As a new platform in the transportation sector, Saloodo! Is more transparent and easy to use. Before, all our operations were conducted manually but now, thanks to Saloodo! We operate in a more professional way through bidding and submitting loading offers to shippers in a competitive manner. We look forward to more shipments and we surely recommend saloodo! to our counterparts for its professionalism and easiness"

"What we like about Saloodo! is that it’s a user friendly platform and easy to access anywhere. We usually communicate only through emails which sometimes delays our operations, but thanks to Saloodo! We now have smoother process and communication, in addition to useful tools such as uploading invoices online. We are happy to be working and growing our business circle with Saloodo! And we certainly recommend it."

Pradeep AK

"We appreciate how Saloodo! Makes the process of finding loads a click away and how invoices settlement is much smoother which enables us to receive our payment in a shorter period of time. Working with Saloodo! makes it easier to run our operations, and we are glad to have it as a supporting & trustworthy partner."