Digital freight marketplace Saloodo! expands to Bahrain

Abu Dhabi, UAE, September 16, 2019

Saloodo! provides seamless cross border trucking across 7 countries in the Middle East

In the past few weeks Saloodo!, the digital freight platform, expanded to several countries in the Gulf Region to provide the best possible service to shippers and carriers in the region. Saloodo! connected shippers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with transport service providers, who then transported the goods within the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

After the recent launch of the digital freight marketplace in Kuwait, Oman and Egypt, Saloodo! is now also available to users in Bahrain for national shipments as well as freight orders from Bahrain to other countries in the Gulf region and vice versa. With its latest expansion Saloodo! can now provide seamless cross border trucking across 7 countries in the region.

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